Basic Technology Assistance
Library staff members can help with basic technology instruction including use of Microsoft Office, our SELCO Libraries and Libby apps, our printer/copier, and initial facilitation of online meetings.

Copying, Printing, and Scanning
Black and white copies cost 20⊄ and color copies cost 50⊄ per page. Print jobs can be sent ahead to for pick-up at the front desk. Our scanner can send files to our computers for download to a flash drive or to an email address. There is no charge to scan a document.

Internet Access
We have computers with Internet and Microsoft Office available for public use.  We also have free Wi-Fi available in house which patrons may access on their own device or one of the library’s Chromebooks. Wi-Fi hotspots are also available for check-out.

Shared Space Toolkit
Our Shared Space Toolkit increases privacy for patrons utilizing the library for teleconferencing and reduces distractions for other patrons. Our offerings include webcams, acoustic desktop dividers, noise-canceling headsets, and a green screen backdrop. Visit the front desk to borrow toolkit items.

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