Board of Trustees

The Plainview Library Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the library; establishing policy; setting goals and objectives; hiring and evaluating the director; establishing and monitoring the annual budget; signing necessary contracts; and exercising such other powers, consistent with the law to foster the effective use and management of the library.

The Board is comprised of 7 members who are appointed to 3-year terms by the Plainview City Council.  Persons interested in serving on the Library Board may indicate their interest by completing an Application to be a Library Trustee.

A record of persons who have been appointed to the Board can be found on the list of Plainview Library Board of Trustees.

2024 Library Board Packets:





Packets prior to the current year can be found on our Archive Page.

Trustee Resources

The Plainview City Code defines the legal structure of the Library in sections 206 Library Board and 215 Library Department. The City Code can be found at the following link: Plainview City Code

The bylaws of the Library Board of Trustees can be found at the following link: Library Board of Trustee Bylaws

Additional information can be found in the Minnesota Department of Education’s manual: Minnesota Public Library Trustee Handbook

As appointees of the Plainview City Council, trustees are subject to the City of Plainview Code of Conduct: City of Plainview Council Code of Conduct

As a government body, Library Board meetings are subject to MN Open Meeting Law: MN Open Meeting Law

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