What is a Book Party?

Book Parties are an opportunity to read a particular book or series of books as a library community. About a month before the event, copies of the selected title are made available for checkout. Families can read the book together or individually prior to the event. Then everyone meets at the library for activities and conversation related to that particular book. For example, our November book party focuses on the short novel¬†Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen. Because this book is very short, Meg will read it aloud during the event. Children will also have the opportunity to imagine what a pilgrim looks like and to create that figure using clothespins and donated fabric scraps. We will discover that all of us have much to be thankful for and that a pilgrim can be very different from what we first envision.

Join us on Monday, November 25th at 3:30pm for this fun event.

molly's pilgrim