Support Services

Best Sellers Club
Join the Best Sellers Club and we will make sure that you are placed on a reserve list for all new titles by your favorite authors.  Sign up is available on the Best Sellers Club Form.

Predictive Ordering
Library staff members can order materials of your criteria on your timeline. Do you want 2 westerns to arrive weekly? Library staff can arrange for this on your behalf. This is service is often paired with entry pick-up so patrons can just grab their bag and go. Predictive ordering is also available to local patrons who qualify for the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library Catalog. Contact the library for more information.

Reading Recommendations
Library staff members can suggest books to readers of all ages. From our newest readers who are still learning about their tastes to our seasoned readers who are looking for more of the thing they love, library staff is prepared to make suggestions.

Library staff members can provide basic research assistance. From maps to instruction manuals, library staff can help you find items to help you with your project.

Test Proctoring
Library staff members can proctor online and paper tests based on the availability of personnel and technology. Contact the front desk for further details or to schedule an appointment.

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