Covering Ground: A Reading Marathon

Plainview area readers, ages 12 and up, are invited to challenge themselves with a Reading Marathon through the months of July and August 2013.  Participants will read 26 books or articles of their choice, and walk or run 26 miles.  Registration begins at the library on Wednesday, June 19 and runs through the length of the program.

Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in brown bag lunch programs at the library where fitness information will be presented by Olmsted Medical Center and Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center.  Pre-registration is required for these events.  We’ll provide the lunch.  Come and learn with us!

Teens that complete the program will receive a ticket to an exclusive movie party on Wednesday, August 21st.  Adults that complete the program will be entered into a drawing for 3-month fitness memberships co-sponsored by Broadway Video and Fitness and the Plainview Public Library.