Item Pickup and Return

Entry Pickup
Entry pickup is available during open hours. Materials are checked out to the patron and placed in a bag with their name. Patrons can grab their bag from the yellow cart in the front entry and go. This service is often paired with use of:

Our Online Catalog

SELCO Libraries App

Patrons can request items from home and we will have them ready to go by noon the next day. Contact the library for additional information or to sign up.

Outdoor Pickup Locker
There is an item pickup locker located in the alley on the south side of the building to allow for 24/7 access to library materials. When placing an item on hold through our app or the online catalog, select Plainview Pickup Locker as your pickup location. When the item becomes available, you will receive an email or phone call telling you which locker your materials are in. You may also call the library and request that your items on hold be placed in a locker.

Book Return
There is a book return located in the alley on the south side of the building. Books and media (including DVDs and CDs) can all be placed through the return at any time of day.

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