About Us

Our Vision:
The Plainview Public Library is a trusted partner in strengthening community through empathy, respect, and inclusion.

Our Mission:
Connecting our community with information, experiences, and each other

Our Core Values:
We Foster a Culture of Equity. We believe that the community has a right to information, entertainment, and connectedness with others. Towards those ends, we strive to provide quality, judgement-free library services for everyone at no charge.

We Protect a Safe and Welcoming Space. We are committed to providing space that is inviting and conducive to learning, recreation, and collaboration. We demonstrate this with our engagement with patrons and our monitoring of the library and its grounds.

We Engage in Community. We look outside our walls as we focus our decision-making on community needs. We direct resources towards a deliberate inclusion of the community as a whole. As the community grows and changes, library services will evolve accordingly.

We are Stewards of Financial and Physical Resources. We demonstrate our commitment to stewardship through our careful investment in quality resources that promote education, entertainment, and community enrichment, and our vigilant care of the building and its assets.

We are Committed to Delightful Library Service. We model our own enthusiasm for creativity and learning, and embrace opportunities to share our knowledge with those that we serve.

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